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Autocomplete emptying after adding contacts

Discussion in 'Microsoft Office' started by K2itmgr, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. K2itmgr

    K2itmgr Flightless Bird


    I'm having an issue with Microsoft Outlook 2007 for a few of the users on my network. When new contacts are added to their contact list, their autocomplete list emptys until they repopulate it.

    For a solution I've had them download and use NK2Viewer, but I was wondering if their was anything anybody could think of to help me resolve this issue.

    It's an intermittent issue, and it's one I myself don't have. Sometimes when new contacts are dragged to their contact folder they no longer have their autocomplete and sometimes they do. My first thought is that it's a corrupt .nk2 file, but one of the users complaining of this problem has a brand new build, and I find it extremely unlikely that this is the cause.

    Does anyone have any ideas?


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