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Authentication prompt while opening Excel/word files from IE8

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Chandu N, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Chandu N

    Chandu N Flightless Bird

    While opening Excel or Word documents from intranet websites in IE8, we are
    seeing authentication prompt and after providing credentials the file is
    opening fine. Surprisingly if I cancel the authentication prompt, the file is
    still opening fine!! Is this problem related to IE or Office? How to fix the

    I tried following but nothing worked:
    -Moved website from intranet zone and added to trusted sites
    -Reset IE8 settings
    -From Firefox the files are opening fine. FF is downloading file to local
    disk and opening it.
    -Changed default browser to Firefox and tried to open Excel, file -> open
    and gave Excel file HTTP URL

    IE8 - 32-bit
    Windows 7 x64
  2. Chandu N

    Chandu N Flightless Bird

  3. PA Bear [MS MVP]

    PA Bear [MS MVP] Flightless Bird

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