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Are Reservations Appropriate for Apple iTunes Apps


Flight Director
Flight Instructor
Mailbox App was the first app on iTunes to institute a reservation system. Hundreds of thousands of people are waiting in line for Mailbox to be activated. Now Tempo has posted that they will institute a new reservation system for their application.

This trend is disturbing. For years, iPhone and iPad owners have been able to download apps and use them immediately. Some apps are available for download for free but require the user to purchase a subscription before the app is usable. Now we have a new wrinkle - the reservation system.

What do you think? Should developers be allowed to place their apps on iTunes and get free advertising before the app is even available? Should Apple step in and block this type of trend?

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
Appropriate? Who knows. Necessary? Probably not. Useful? Yes, for generating attention among potential buyers in the market.