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Application of A Learners' View (ALV)


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Application of A Learners' View (ALV)

A Learners' View (ALV) Is Of Choices On The Shortest and Fastest Path To Learning, The Oxygen of Social Life.

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APPLICATION OF A LEARNERS' VIEW (ALV), ALSO CALLED USING THE LAW OF TEACHING-LEARNING (LOTL), to plan, instruct, assess, and analyze teaching-learning increases the possibility of 1.0 lessons, 1.0 teachers, and 1.0 schools. At the same time, it appears safe to say that nobody really understands what happens during teaching-learning. That's in part because we use a language of nouns and teaching-learning is a process. But we don't need to know everything to accelerate, increase, and deepen (AID) learning. Nor do educators need to know everything to reach those 1.0 standards. When teachers use ALV to plan and instruct lessons, they give learners advantages and other benefits derived from what we can observe and manage during teaching.

ALV applications can occur on purpose by using two kinds of guides: (1) to plan and instruct lessons, and (2) to assess and analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of those lessons. They consist of checklists, descriptions, and formats adopted from material and procedures that ground ALV in research. You add the flare, charisma, and human touch, the art of teaching.

Applications and analytics are derived from the ALV Path and are consistent with technical-scientific literacy of educators (TSLE). Together, they include procedures 1.0 Teachers use in New Era School Initiative (NESI) schools.

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Article Last Update: 12/14/2013


ALV APPLICATIONS, ANALYSES, AND ANALYTICS consist, from a learners' view, of two kinds of guides for procedures and methods educators may use (1) to plan and instruct lessons, and Read More
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