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Apple = Microsoft + Google

Discussion in 'Google' started by LPH, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. LPH

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    Apple (AAPL) closed Thursday at a record high $493.17, up a whopping $16.49 (3.46%) for the day. Fortune magazine started a list of Things Apple is Worth More Than:
    • The gross domestic product of Sweden ($458 billion)
    • All the gold in the Federal Reserve, and then some. ($350 billion)
    • All the illegal drugs in the world, and then some ($321 billion)
    • Six and a half years of global coffee consumption ($70 billion/year)
    • More than six years of U.S. beef consumption ($74 billion/year)
    • More than five U.S. Civil Wars ($74-$84 billion each)
    • More than 2.5 Apollo space programs ($145-$170 billion apiece)
    • Three times the entire U.S. clothing industry ($150 billion)
    • Fourteen National Football Leagues ($33 billion for all the teams combined)
  2. Robert Heiny

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    Well, they closed over $500 on Friday. Good for stockholders, for now. I have no inside information, but I wonder how long the company can profit from Steve's influence?

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