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And We Are Live ...


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After two weeks of slowly moving content and domains over to the new server, the main domain tuxreportsnetwork.com has been flipped. Some of the .htaccess rewrites need tweaking but the sites are now under one domain.


* One domain
* No subdomains
* One main menu matching main topics
* Header menus reflect the main topic
* Third menu reflects the site navigation

This change reflects Google's option to consider subdomains are different sites. Since our intent has been to merge all the blogs under one umbrella, the change to one domain should help Google search understand this is all one site.

This change represents 1.5 years of redesign. While we were almost done with the subdomain design - the change to one domain only took two weeks :)

The main topics of the website remain business, opinions, education, lifestyle, politics, science, sports, technology, and breaking news. The articles are 'what are interesting' and not meant to represent all events in our world.

The Entertainment section remains sketchy. I'll work on it this weekend to try to clean up some of the navigation.


It looks like most of the traffic is still low. The sites used to gather over 10K visits a day, right? Now they seem to get in the hundreds. What is the plan?