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ALV Philosophy of Learning

Robert Heiny

Research Scientist of Learning and Education
Flight Instructor
Robert Heiny submitted a new blog post:

ALV Philosophy of Learning

FROM A LEARNERS' VIEW (ALV), learning is intensified life, an adventure, a roller coaster of choosing, failing, and choosing repeatedly until succeeding, a broadening of options and choices, sometimes called perspective. ...

Some people call it experience, others refer to it as more freedom. Learners remain fanatically positive and optimistic. When they face something they have not changed, they adjust by choosing other options they can use to continue ...

For many people, an indefinite uncommitted future time has built a thick wall between them and what they may accomplish for themselves and others during their life. ... Learning destroys walls between people and their futures. ... Ain’t learning great, even for those who say, “I’m fine” and choose not to change their social patterns (not to learn more).
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