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Adding Four USB Hub to Dell D600 Laptop

Discussion in 'Notebooks' started by dwn, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. dwn

    dwn Flightless Bird

    I have a used Dell Latitude D600 O/S WINXP PRO. I am trying to find a
    way to add two additional USB ports making it a total 4 usable USB ports for:

    1 - Wireless Mouse
    1 - 16GB Toshiba Flash drive (backup)
    1 - 400GB Toshiba Portable external drive (Data drive)
    1 - USB wireless modem or external floppy drive.

    I tried using a 4 ports Hub than change to 4 ports external powered Hub.
    Neither one can drive more than 2 USB attachments. If I use Dell docking
    station (with 4 USB ports), I can only use three USB attachments and
    that depend where and how I attach the three USB attachment.

    Is there any solution to my problem. I need at least three functional USB
    ports. Wireless mouse, can't do without it. I bootup with the 400GB Toshiba
    external drive, for Internet/emails/browser/etc and where kept my data.
    And the last USB port for either wireless modem or floppy disk.

    Thanks for reading

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