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ACPI / WinTV-NOVA TD-500 / User accounts Nightmare



Flightless Bird
Just fitted Hauppage WinTV-NOVA TD-500 PCI card to my old,
Conroe 865pe / Core2 6300 @ 1.86ghz / 2xPC3200 HyperX etc ,
and it works fine but, along the way I'm having a fight with ACPI, and XP
Home edition's User accounts - which I've never fully understood !
....and Hibernate is halting after it's progress bar has fully travelled from
left to right - until I tap a key on the keyboard - then it instantly Powers
down !
I did have a User Password set on the default User which is a full
Administrator account labelled AnotherMe,
and at one point, when I go to Control Panel | User Accounts, I could see 3
accounts, Administrator, AnotherMe and a greyed out Guest account "Guest
Account is off"

I think the machine was always logging in to the AnotherMe account,
....just tried Start | Run | control userpasswords2 and put the password
back in the Administrator account, (no password in the AnotherMe account,
and rebooted, and a login box for the AnotherMe account appeared, so I hit
entered and it went straight to the desktop !

When I use Start | Run | control userpasswords2 | and clear the check-box
labelled "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer,"
and then get a box where I can choose who gets logged in, so I type in
AnotherMe, and then reboot, and still get the login box and have to hit

....just added a Password for the AnotherMe account, and rummaged through
Start | Run | control userpasswords2 again, and cleared the check-box
labelled "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer,"
and got the box where I can choose who gets logged in, typed in AnotherMe
and rebooted, AT LAST no login box !

Anyhow, when I Hibernate the machine, Hibernates progress bar travels fully
from left to right, I can hear hard-disk power down and auto-park but,
system does not power off until I press a keyboard key,
and resuming from Hibernation I get a "Unlock Computer" box labelled:-

This computer is in use and has been locked.
Only ME\AnotherMe or an adminstrator can unlock this computer.

AnotherME is in the User Name slot, no password and I just hit [Enter]
and get logged in to Desktop instantly !

Earlier I rummaged in BIOS | ACPI Configuration and set "PCI Devices Power
On" to [Enabled]
...so that WinTV's scheduler can wake up the PC from a Hibernated state -
which seems to work, (but have to hit a key to get Hibernate to complete).

Yet to fully rummage in WinTV's Configuration settings - wondering if Win-TV
driver is causing Hibernate to not complete and power down PC !

....any ideas gratefully accepted :)

regards, Richard