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Ability to invert the colors of a document printed onto OneNote

Discussion in 'Microsoft OneNote' started by goodidae, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. goodidae

    goodidae Flightless Bird


    Can we invert the colors (from white background black font to black
    background white font) of a document printed onto OneNote?

    There is a similar function in Acrobat Pro
    (Edit->Preferences->Accessibility->change Custom Color). However, I don't
    really use Acrobat Pro as its annotating functionalities are really poor as
    compared to OneNote. More often than not, I print pages and pages of readings
    onto OneNote and annotate them. However, hours of reading on a LCD monitor
    tire my eyes easily.

    Currently, I set my screen to the lowest brightness level and even then,
    it's still quite bright. Of course, e-ink would be optimal for reading but
    its technology is still in its early stage. Until then, I still have to use
    my monitor. A black background and white font would be a nice workaround. I'm
    not referring to editing the document but an option to view the document in
    inverted colors.

    Thanks a lot!

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