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Ability to invert the colors of a document printed onto OneNote



Flightless Bird

Can we invert the colors (from white background black font to black
background white font) of a document printed onto OneNote?

There is a similar function in Acrobat Pro
(Edit->Preferences->Accessibility->change Custom Color). However, I don't
really use Acrobat Pro as its annotating functionalities are really poor as
compared to OneNote. More often than not, I print pages and pages of readings
onto OneNote and annotate them. However, hours of reading on a LCD monitor
tire my eyes easily.

Currently, I set my screen to the lowest brightness level and even then,
it's still quite bright. Of course, e-ink would be optimal for reading but
its technology is still in its early stage. Until then, I still have to use
my monitor. A black background and white font would be a nice workaround. I'm
not referring to editing the document but an option to view the document in
inverted colors.

Thanks a lot!