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A show of hands. How many people know these multimedia applications under Ubuntu?



Flightless Bird
"Heywood Jablowme" <heywood@jablowme.gov> wrote in

> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications
> The person trying to learn their new INFERIOR Ubuntu Os,
> will say, "What the fuck is all this shit"? They will
> ditch Ubuntu within a few minutes of reading that garbage.

So what you are saying is that with Windows, there is only one
media player available...one wave editor available.....one
video editor available.....etc....so you don't have to make a
choice to use a certain package, because the choise is made
for you.


Should I use....

Windows Movie Maker
Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe Premiere Pro
AVS Video Editor
4 or 5 different editors from Avid
Cyberlink Power Director
Nero Vision
or many others.....

Gee....you mean I need to look at each and decide which one I
want to spend my money on?

Man....it sucks having a choice.

You are such an ass.