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A question for Bill Yanaire

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Ibrahim Al-Qassam \(Abdelaziz\), Jul 10, 2010.

  1. This dumb **** is such fun to pick apart. The **** keeps falling out of his
    mouth as fast as this idiot can move his lips.
    The TRUTH is Bill is on cracl/cocaine most of the day.

    You people are talking a language that Yanaire RyanAire does not understand.
    It contains LOGIC and FACTS!

    The Moron has studied SQL Server as a beginner in 2007, and attempted
    VisualBasic, making some living off these Microsoft products and hence
    promoting Windows.
    His brain is too primitive to learn a real language like C or C++.
    Or be a man enough to code in Assembler, machine codes, octals or just

    Are you aware of what OS most supercomputing clusters run, right?
    Home users don't need it. EVERYBODY needs a massively parallel
    supercomputer in their living room. If more people understood that we'd have
    found those damn SETI Aliens by now.
    Maybe that is what you need. I need a blonde about 24 years of age, with big
    boobs who can suck a basketball through a garden hose. Everything else
    really doesn't matter.
    I am afraid of the Jews, though.
    Today I needed to prototype something for a customer so I built a trivial
    web cluster out of three linux boxes and threw Oracle on a fourth. It may
    sound simple to you but it took me a couple of hours and I've done it
    before. I could have used just one box but Xen gives me headaches.

    And just like the Moonie spaghetti it was free, which allows me to stay
    competitive by reducing my overhead from thousands of dollars for software
    licensing to ummm 0.

    I LOVE SHEEP. But most of all I love to impersonate:
    Kevin Panzke, Bill Gates, Stan Starinski, Barak Obama, Mother Theresa, Ryan
    Airlines, Jeffrey Squares, Rhonda Rounds, Douglass McDonald, Albert
    Einstein, Iced Earth, Humberto Tozzi,
    Margaret Thatcher
    Thomas Edison
    Mother Teresa
    Helen Keller
    Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis
    Tom Brokaw
    James Taylor
    Mr. Rogers
    Isaac Newton
    Lewis Carrol
    Andy Rooney
    General Norman Schwarzkopf
    Norman Rockwell
    Pablo Piccaso
    Paul McCartney
    Edgar Allen Poe
    Mae West
    Ernest Hemingway
    Vincent Van Gogh
    Robin Williams
    Walt Disney
    Walter Cronkite
    Frank Lloyd Wright
    Julia Roberts
    John F. Kennedy, Jr.
    Terry Bradshaw
    Gloria Steinem
    Charles Dickens
    Thomas Edison
    Whoopi Goldberg
    Sigourney Weaver
    Bill Clinton
    Dave Letterman
    Newt Gingrich
    Jim Carrey
    Mary Tyler Moore
    Danny Glover
    Carol Burnett
    Paul Harvey
    Alicia Silverstone
    Neil Diamond
    Julia Child
    George Carlin
    Valerie Harper
    John Candy
    Weird Al Yankovick
    Marilyn Vos Savant
    Tom Hanks
    C. G. Jung
    William James
    Henri Mancini
    Bob Newhart
    Meryl Streep
    Benny Goodman
    Harrison Ford
    Steve Martin
    Ronald Regan
    Dan Aykroyd
    Susan B. Anthony
    Arthur Ashe
    Augustus Caesar
    Jane Austen
    William F. Buckley, Jr.
    Chevy Chase
    Phil Donahue
    Peter Jennings
    Charles Everett Koop
    C. S. Lewis
    Roy Rogers
    Chuck Yeager
    Jack Nicholson
    Charlie Brown
    Oprah Winfrey
    Paul Newman
    Fred Astaire
    Eddie Murphy
    Jimmy Conners
    Michael J. Fox
    Ross Perot
    Sean Connery
    Elizabeth Dole
    Dick Van Dyke
    Andy Griffith
    Peyton Manning
    Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Shirley MacLaine
    Michael Landon
    John Katz
    Billy Crystal
    Carrie Fisher
    Darth Vader
    Bill Cosby
    Bill Gates
    Bob Dylan
    Carl Sagan
    Charles Yeager
    Colin L. Powell
    Diana, Princess of Wales
    Henry A. Kissinger
    Elvis Presley
    Mahatma Gandhi
    Michael J. Jordan
    Michele Pfeiffer
    Doris Day
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Yogi Berra
    Dan Rather
    Ervin "Magic" Johnson
    Michael Jackson
    John Travolta
    Tom Cruise
    Spider Man
    James Dean
    Clint Eastwood
    Ray Charles
    Jesse Jackson
    Thomas Jefferson
    Hank Aaron
    Mohammad Ali
    Neil Armstrong
    Lucille Ball
    Hank Aaron
    Alexander Graham Bell
    George Washington
    Dr. Seuss
    Albert Einstein
    F Lee Bailey
    Ben Franklin
    Sigmund Freud
    Alfred Hitchcock
    Bob Hope
    Harry Houdini
    Martin Luther King
    John Lennon
    Leonardo Da Vinci
    Lewis And Clark
    Abraham Lincoln
    Louis Pasteur
    Marilyn Monroe
    Mark Twain
    Willey Mays
    Miles Davis

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