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A couple issues after reformatting

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by ~Debbie~, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. ~Debbie~

    ~Debbie~ Flightless Bird

    Last Wednesday I was on the computer and up popped one of those messages that
    said I had a virus, do I want to run my anti-virus program, I said no, and I
    guess it didn't like that answer because all the sudden there were all these
    porn sites for me to click on. Well I am not one to hunt down viruses, so
    the easiest thing for me was to backup all my files, graphics..etc and then I
    did a total system recovery.
    No biggie to me.

    So for the past few days I have been slowly reinstalling everything, taking
    my time with all. All seems to be well except for these few issuses:

    1. On startup it will sometimes say "Duplicate name exists on the network",
    not sure what that means. I am the only user on this computer

    2. And then on other times when I start up, on my taskbar there will be a
    yellow triangle with an explanation mark in it. But I can't click on it to
    see what it says, because it will disappear when I click on it. Any ideas?

    3. Also it seems to run alot. I will do an Ctrl+Alt+Delete to see what is
    running and there is nothing in the applications, I am not sure how to read
    anything on the other tabs. I actually have to shut the computer off and
    unplug for a few seconds then restart to get it to stop running in the
    background. Any ideas?

    Thank you for any help or suggestions,

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