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150 Years Later: Gettysburg and The New Fight

Discussion in 'Editorials' started by LPH, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. LPH

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    150 Years Later: Gettysburg and The New Fight

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  2. Robert Heiny

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    I too remember living and working in the South. Memories of the War Between the States were told by students in higher ed about grandfathers fighting to the death, including in Franklin. It was humbling to hear these stories in the face of such scars, some still raw as you and your sibs took part in desegregating schools.

    I agree another epic struggle is underway. This time, it's between the forces of advancing electronic communication technology and those who use it without understanding the impact of its language on their life. I call it a transition time with unknown outcomes. Historians tell me this kind of struggle occurs about every 100 years.

    Teachers are on the front line of the current struggle, or at least of a wide ranging disagreement about what "liberty" means in the face of advancing technology. And they appear poorly prepared for the increasing technical-scientific era that goes with increasingly rapid electronic advances.

    Your question seems appropriate for educators, also, "are you fighting this war, looking on in horror, or burying your head?"

    Thanks for the reminders.

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