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The Current Status of XenWord (12-1-2016)

This entry is part of a series of entries "December 2016 - XenWord Development Log"

November 2016 was very productive for releasing a few bug fixes for XenWord as well as adding a few new features.

WordPress is expected to ship version 4.7. XenWord has been tested with up to 4.7-beta 4. The greatest advantage to 4.7 will be the addition of the Custom CSS area in the Customizer. Anyone wanting to override a CSS for the XenWord can now do this easily in the Customizer.

Version 3.2
Three features were important changes to XenWord 3.2.
  • Bootstrap file is now a class
  • PHP Version Check - Plugin requires PHP 5.3+
  • New Comment Moderation feature
Version 3.3
Release number 120 is live on the Tux Reports Site. I started the thread promotion files in 3.2 but haven't worked on them since the initial start. The files are not connected in the loader. Some focus is necessary to clean up the widgets included with XenWord. I'm not happy with them.

I started working on the thread system. It hasn't been looked over for a long time. The thread system needs some love and care. In particular, a new fallback forum was added in case someone didn't choose a forum at the time of the WordPress post publication.

Planned Features
After refractoring more code, I'll start adding options for the thread system. For example, the author is being pulled from the WordPress database. Maybe there needs to be an option to grab the XenForo name. Editing a post is not perfect either. This needs attention.

I'm working on being more active in the suggestions forum.

XenForo 2.0
I know as much as you do - maybe less. Their goal is to make developing easier. This makes sense and we will see what happens.

How soon after 2.0 will you be able to get XenWord operational?
I have no idea.

Will you continue to develop XenWord with 2.0 looming?
Incrementally, yes.
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