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Sequel Pro: Moving Beyond PhpMyAdmin

Sequel Pro.png

PhpMyAdmin is a great tool. It's included with MAMP Pro and I've used it for years. However, work on the Classroom Laravel project provided me an opportunity to branch out today into Sequel Pro in order to learn more about MySQL tables.* My naive understanding is Sequel Pro can help build queries, too.

Installation on the MacBook Pro was a breeze; click on the dmg package and dock the application. Connecting to the database through a socket (localhost) was as simple as adding the username and password.

At this point, I've done nothing but click through different screens and looked through different databases on the local machine.

* Classroom is a project to learn about the Laravel framework and extend my understanding of MVC. The central idea is for students to complete the bathroom pass request via their phones, grab the pass, and return to the classroom without having to ask for the teacher's permissions. The time out of classroom is monitored, and students can receive a notification if the bathroom pass is available or not.
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