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  1. Using array_key_exists to avoid undefined index

    A better way to write the conditional is to include the array_key_exists, which takes two parameters, the key and the array.
  2. Using Traits

    Traits were introduced in PHP 5.4 and are a great way to improve DRY coding.
  3. Adding XenForo Thread Prefixes

    XenForo thread prefixes were added to the wide thread widget.
  4. Learning JavaScript

    After avoiding learning JavaScript for years, I've started to dive deep and go beyond the basics. The journey began after a question about XenForo .js files. Here's an update regarding some of what I've discovered.
  5. Visual Studio Code: A Test Drive

    Visual Studio code is an excellent editor. The latest version loads quickly and provides autocompletion. I didn't tinker with type hinting and at this point have only spent about two hours in the editor.
  6. Sequel Pro: Moving Beyond PhpMyAdmin

    Installed Sequel Pro to extend knowledge about MySQL database tables and queries.
  7. Adding Row of WordPress Posts to Recent Activity Template

    The last five WordPress articles published are now shown in the find new template. Code is close to the last five articles sidebar.
  8. Summation of meta_values from the meta table

    The summation of meta_values in the post meta was accomplished through the get_posts, array_push, and array_sum.
  9. Improving Post Ratings

    Only basic support for the likes in the post ratings addon has been included in XenWord. Support is being expanded to show dislikes, agree, and more.
  10. Latest threads in a wide view

    A new widget for the WordPress side shows all of the latest threads from the community. Code was added today to respect user permissions.
  11. User Blogs System Widget

    A WordPress widget for showing the latest blog was added to XenWord 3.3 and is live on this site.
  12. Using setup_postdata

    The example provided on the WordPress Codex page didn't help explain why a developer should use setup_postdata().
  13. Featured Thread and Forum Widgets

    The featured thread and forum widgets have been rewritten so that the select dropdown is populated with information pulled from a model rather than from a direct query to the database.
  14. XenWord Forum List By Category

    The XenWord widget for showing a list of forums in a selected category has been rewritten.