Master Checklist of Vocabulary in Curriculum

Master Checklist of Vocabulary in Curriculum

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SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS PREPARE a master list of vocabulary in the curriculum that teachers will instruct. This list, at a minimum, will include key words, symbols, and manipulations necessary for learners to demonstrate academic performance at the highest level measured by the annual state academic proficiency tests. Preparation of this list occurs in cooperation with classroom teachers who instruct the various levels and subjects tested for each school and classroom. In turn, teachers add to this list as necessary for learners to adopt, adapt, and extend vocabulary for lessons, teachers, and school to earn 1.0 ratings.

1. Board of Education authorizes assembling of a master list for classes, schools and district.

2. Superintendent assigns the curriculum director to schedule time and resources to complete this task by a given date.

3.Teachers use these lists as references to insure that their lessons address all appropriate for their class assignments, and that learners have prerequisite skills to succeed subsequent courses.


The master list provides educators a reference to assure that lessons address the minimum vocabulary required for completing all answers correctly on local and standardized examinations. The adoption of annual state academic proficiency examinations makes such lists reasonable, from a learners’ view, and lowers the risk of educators rationing learning. In turn, it adds confidence to educators and supporters that instruction meets minimum academic performance expectation of funding agencies.

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