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A Learners’ View (ALV) Is Of Choices On The Shortest And Fastest Path To Learning, The Oxygen Of Social Life.

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LEARNERS USE WHILE LEARNING WHAT EDUCATORS MAY TREAT AS A CODE. That is, learners make predictable choices while learning from teaching. A learners’ view (ALV) of learning represents those choices, that code. The ALV Path describes generic choice points and options that learners will likely use while learning.

The code of learners conveys a systematic body of choices learners make while learning. Observers may see, hear, and in other ways monitor these choices. Educators may manage them during instruction. Experimental behavioral and social scientists ground this code in their descriptions of learning that they observed over more than a century in laboratories, classrooms, and non-school settings.

These choices form a system of principles, or rules that educators may use to accelerate, increase, and deepen (AID) learning.

Educators of students who do not learn all lessons taught unintentionally rely on chance during instruction, rather than on the code (pattern of choices) learners likely use while learning lessons.


  1. A Learners’ View (ALV) of Learning
  2. ALV ( A Learners’ View) Path to Learning
  3. Principles of Learning
  4. Rules of Teaching: Digest of a Learners’ View (ALV) of Learning

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Last Edited: May 27, 2015