A Learners’ View (ALV) Is Of Choices On The Shortest And Fastest Path To Learning, The Oxygen Of Social Life.

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RELEVANCE OF A LEARNERS’ VIEW (ALV) to teaching and learning exists to the extent that applying ALV in lessons results in accelerated, increased, and deepened (AID) learning of those lessons and increased life chances and other benefits for learners. ALV is relevant to teaching-learning when and only when it can be observed as an essential element of a lesson that learners learn as confirmed by use of those lessons in other activities, as on practice sheets and in tests.

Relevance depends on the degree to which ALV (1) represents choices learners make while learning; (2)  captures what is common across results of experimental behavioral and social science research since the last part of the 1800s; and (3) will likely assist you teach, so that learners learn your lessons.

In this sense, ALV has relevance:

1. For lessons that include vocabulary and tasks (manipulations of vocabulary) likely for students to use to answer questions and to solve other problems on state and other standardized academic performance tests.

2. For teachers who have, for example, lists of vocabulary and of tasks (manipulations of vocabulary) learners will likely use to answer questions and to solve other problems on state and other standardized academic performance tests.

Relevance of ALV may be classified into four fuzzy categories of High, Substantial, Some, and Marginal relevance to teaching and learning.

High Relevance

High relevance of ALV refers to a high probability that applying ALV will AID learning promptly. ALV has high relevance when it is used specifically and explicitly to AID learning through lessons that increase life chances and other benefits of learners.

Substantial Relevance

Substantial relevance refers the validity of ALV, that is, to the extent that ALV represents what is common across descriptions of learning as described by experimental behavioral and social scientists in reports since about 1890, for example minimum choices learners make while learning.

ALV has substantial relevance for developing and applying lessons that AID learning.

Some Relevance

Research has some relevance when it focuses on the application of ALV and developing fundamental new data from these efforts, and has less than explicit implications for describing ALV as a social process.

Marginal Relevance

Fundamental ALV and/or ALV applications-based research which generates data to refine implications of ALV for life chances of learners.

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