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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

XenWord 3.2.0 – Introducing Comment Moderation

XenWord 3.2.0 is now available in the store. This release includes a new bootstrap file and class as well as comment moderation.

Newspaper Theme: Show Category Names on Posts and Pages

The Newspaper theme for WordPress is very versatile, however, by default the header text option only shows the blog title.

HTTP/2 Enabled with KeyCDN

A KeyCDN account, pull zone, and alias were created for Tux Reports. The site now supports HTTP/2.

XenWord 3.0 Gold is available

XenWord 3.0 Gold is now available for download.

XenWord Development in July 2016

XenWord development continues in July, except July 10 through the 22nd. Please watch the bug reports and suggestions forums carefully.

XenWord Release Candidate 2 is Now Available

XenWord Release Candidate 2 is now available in the download area of the store. This release contains bug fixes for the first release candidate.